Re: [ MuLinux and a new editor]

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 20:24:24 CEST

On Wed, Aug 30, 2000 at 10:29:42AM -0300, Lisias A. Toledo nicely wrote:
> > That's not true !
> > vegetables could provide all the proteins we demand without "effort", in fabaceas (pea, soja,...) , there is plenty of that and in all complete food there are the amino acids we cannot synthetise ourself.

Mmm ... unfortunately, italian inland revenue offices (we calll it: Fisco)
is not vegetarian, but highly carnivorous :-)


I'd like to conclude with a positive statement, but I can't 
remember any. Would two negative ones do?       -- Woody Allen
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