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From: AM-Fiber AM-Fiber 1045A (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 09:27:00 CEST

Dumas Patrice (30-08-00 16:50):
>But there are strange ports (strange for me, I hope) on them.
>There is one which is a female with 7 + 8 holes, and ressemble a normal
>parallel port.
I'm not sure, as i cant see that card, but with a 15-pin 'D'-connector it is
either a very old ethernet card or a joystick controller. Try to look on the
circuit behind. If it's mainly 74LS244/245, no big LSI chips, it is most
probably a joystick interface...

>The other strange thing is a normal parallel port, but male. What is it
>for ?
Confusing us all... :-) either parallel off-standard (throwaway), or a serial
board, just with the old standard 25-pin 'D'.

Hope this can be of use -
Peace, Love and Dolphins

Kim 'Pirat'

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