Re: back on topic : magic card and hangs (ie not crash/panic)

From: Bill (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 16:37:08 CEST

Dumas Patrice wrote:

> Hi all,
> it is a magical card :-).


> I still don't know if it runs under linux, but I have problems with my
> box, it freezes sometimes. I think the problem is in the bios, related
> with hardware conflicts ; I have a winmodem, maybe it conflicts with
> serial and parallel ports. Does someone knows if this is possible, that
> hardware conflicts in I/O address or irq cause the computer to freeze ?
> (it's so painful to hit the reset button on a linux box :-().

I've got this problem too.. I think it's a video card problem and/or jumper
problem on the mother board. I emailed support based on the Video Cards
FCC ID (none on the motherboard) and the support guy told be to fdisk and
install win98+patched drivers? I don't think he got the point but I just
him that he fixed the problem to keep things simple....
My hang happens during install of debian from floppy, at random points in
install.. or sometimes in the bios config screen. When on mu and/or lrp it
seems to work fine. I think I need to make sure the m/board jumpers are in
the correct place.. it was an 80FF (10.87) USD motherboard/ video card/
nearly as magicboard combination that patrice got/ 486DX2.
(16meg of memory cost the same)
Anyone know where jumpers are to slow the proc down are usually?!!
Any award bios tips to safe mode the bios? (in micro doc format -
I'm not into reading books.. its easier to buy a new motherboard)


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