From: Dumas Patrice (dumas@centre-cired.fr)
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 18:31:52 CEST

Michele, a response to your questions, from net howto :

"By convention each interface of a host or router
 has an IP address. It is legal for the same IP address to be used on
each interface of a single machine in some
 circumstances but usually each interface will have its own address. "

"Internet Protocol Networks are contiguous sequences of IP addresses"

So, there is no need for a network to be a physical network.
And also you can route anything you want by any interface you want.

So, I think, in interface.fun the address associated with the interface,
and the network, should be configured. (even with plip ???). But with
plip, for example, there should be no default routing of packets
directed to the network. You can look at


for an example of a complex network. I took it from the linux router
project. It's a bit too complicated for me, but shows that freedom is
everywhere in setting a router. ;-).


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