Re: Still looking that console text editor

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 22:42:19 CEST

Vesa-Pekka Palmu wrote:

> > > Well I tried the mu elvis, a vi clone the results are:

> > > ctrl+C :set wrapmargin=4, NO EFFECT.

> > > and trying to write something in vi: well, I can't delete some text, I
> > > can't create new lines, so in a sort and simple way: I went, I saw, I
> > > hated.

> > Who mentions ctrl+C ????????

> Well I saw that on some vi documentation, and typing only ":" gives
> me only a ":" in place of the cursor.

Might it be that you misunderstood that vi documentation?

After pressing the [Esc] key and the colon (":") vi is in so-called
"command mode". You see that funny little ":" in the lower left corner
of the screen and the cursor should be blinking next to it.

You can activate word wraping by two ways:

- either enter
             set textwidth=78 [Enter]
   to let vim (or elvis, resp.) break the lines at column 78.

- or enter
             set wrapmargin=4
   to let it break at the fourth character from the right window border.

There is a little trap to avoid: often the "set textwidth=78" is active
per default and (because textwidth overwrites wrapmargin) your
entering of any settings for the wrapmargin will be completely
IGNORED without vim telling you the reason why!
This can be very frustrating, to get rid of that problem please
enter "set textwidth=0" or find the ~/.vimrc file (it might be
somewhere else in the directory tree) to see if the textwidth
is set therein.



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