Re: SVGA archive

From: Ondrej Kavka (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 08:17:01 CEST

On Tue, 1 Sep 2009, Denis Bredelet wrote:

> I also downloaded other archives --that's my innate curiosity--, but I
> could not figure out how to unpack them. I tried "file archive" (eg.
> file pico.gz) and obtained "ELF executable file". The damn thing would
> not execute, though. (Segmentation fault blablabla...)
I had the same problem, for example with lynx, as I said few mails ago..
That achive is definitely not completely uploaded to the site. Segfaults
often happen in mu if you don't have the library (but if they're from the
original site, I don't know why this should be a problem. Do you have all
your libraries from mu? In my case, I changed my version of mu to megabyte
giant by including some libraries I needed for other programs. These
sometime don't work with some mu programs. Try to ldd the program..

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