From: Andrea Manzini (
Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 10:49:19 CEST

Once upon a time, Michele Andreoli wrote:

> > right :)
> > or maybe two computers with the same address "virtualized" by a software
> > driver which present to the world one of them at a time... Tipical in the
> > clustering world...
> >
> Do you, mon ami, are working on a such clustering project?

maybe O:-)
sorry if i cannot tell too much... In a future perhaps we could "clusterize"
our old 386's and 486's into a bigger and faster mulinux distributed machine ;)

socket(O,2,1,6);bind(O,pack('S n a4 x8',2,80,"\0"x4));listen(O,9); for(;\
accept(I,O);close I){<I>,print I scalar reverse "\n\nti.ssenisubten\@xunil"}
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