AW: [mu SETUP] under Windows NT

From: Stutz, Thomas, DV (thomas.stutz@SMBG.DE)
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 08:37:25 CEST

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> On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 12:40:24PM +0200, Stutz, Thomas, DV nicely wrote:
> > Is there a possibility to use muLinux Setup under Windows NT ?
> >
>> muLinux Setup under NT? Sorry, it is not clear for me. As
"muLinux Setup"
>> I usually refer to ubiquitous "/bin/setup" shell-script in
muLinux, and
>> this isn't your case, I suppose, because it do not runs on NT.

        I know, no loadbin works under NT/2000, only perhaps in vmware ...

>> If you mean: "may I install mulinux archives on a set of
>> the answer is: maybe, never tested.

        yep ... this I mean and testet/tried

> The modern releases installs using an "Installation Floppy"
> (you made it using the makefd.bat script, in the directory you
> unpacked your archive from internet) and this floppy has
> NTFS (read-only) support. Because its main task is *to copy*
> the images on a set of floppy disk, read-only access should be
> enough, if no bugs in my scripts.
> Please: test this Installation Floppy on your NT system and report
> me any result. Do not worry: the installation floppy it is not
> dangerous, because it do not format any partitions.
        nope, I'm not feared, I know the method and I saw the ntfs driver
        because of this I hoped it works but I got a "segmentation fault" or
        is already mounted" error and at the end "(s)hell / (r)eboot" ...

        In my opinion it's a good idea to fix it, because then you and
evereybody can
        use the muLinux(Bootdisksetup) under every OS (ok, not Beos and Mac

        What information do you need ? At the beginning of the script the
partition table
        is printed

        /dev/hda1 ... OS2 HPFS

        and the partition which I want to mount is asked - prompt
"...[/dev/hda1] ?" I press
        enter and got a segmentation fault and the question "(s)hell /
(r)eboot" ... I can
        enter the shell (I know it, the commands, Linux and so on -> can use

> Michele
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