switching XF86Config.in

From: Denis Bredelet (denis.bredelet@laposte.net)
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 02:34:39 CEST

Very nice... I could even run X window on an external display :-))
I picked a config file on a website and it works! The only thing now is
that I have 2 distinct XF86Config.in files... I wrote a script to switch
between external and internal display, but that's not good...

Also I am not happy with the keyboard mapping. The "AltGr" (right alt)
key does not work well. I could not type "]", and when I use this key
the keyboard locks in a weird mode (xterm title bar displays [Greek
iso]). It is necessary to press it again to restore the normal mode.

Everything else is OK :-)

-- Denis.
PS: my tip to avoid text scribbling with "less" in a xterm: set width to
81 columns.

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