Re: mu GCC

From: Ondrej Kavka (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 10:56:19 CEST

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Michele Andreoli wrote:

> This is not the case of lynx. Modern lynx can't work in muLinux
> for a lot of other raisons: they uses up-to-date ncurses or forms or
> panel libraries. Believe me: an impossible task.
I already got the ncurses libraries from that "better" system, and at
least the lynx works. I also brought the libc6 libraries, which I needed
to run some other programs. If I tried to use that one from perl, I got
messages about missing somethings.. This is how I expanded my HDD mu
installation: I always copied a binary from the "better" system (or
Monkey), hoped it would run, if it didn't, I ran ldd and copied also the
needed libraries. Takes some extra hdd space, but it works :) Every
library that appears in `ldd` and wasn't included in original mu, I have
copied from the "complete" system, and lynx starts and work perfectly on
files and IP addresses, there is only something wrong stopping it from
using domain names.

> You have the chance to try your compiled binary in muLinux.
All the binaries compiled on the better system don't work with network,
they only work with IP addresses, not domain names, while the old lynx
works ok.. So even if I compiled lynx, wget or other programs which work
with net, these don't work with normal addresses, just with IPs. So I
hoped that if I managed to compile it directly on mu, it would possibly be


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