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From: Neo (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 01:13:00 CEST

Mark Roberts <> wrote:
>Hi Enno,
>> Another Problem is, that i had to backup via LAN. After a while, dd
>> crashed and i had to use tar and winzip. Why via LAN? I had to backup my
>> laptop in order to send it back (guarantee). Dd crashed with
>> "I/O-Error".
>> Enno Welbers
>I know this is a silly answer, but it might be true nonetheless. If the
>remote file system gets full, the error message will get lost (since it
>occurs on the remote machine). So dd will say "I/O error" although it
>ought to say "disk full".
Hi Mark!

This was not possible, because the device to backup was 5,9 GB and the remote fs is 8 GB. And on try 1, dd crashed at 2030 MB and on try 2 at 1300 MB. One of my friends said, that this might be a network problem. Thank you anyway.
>But I gather you have sent the machine back by now? Good luck it comes
>back in one piece.
Yes, its on the way to its creator. I think, that it will come back repaired.

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