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From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 20:27:42 CEST


> 2. "setup speed" this script would read all the configuration files of
> addons and create rc.4 and rc.5 files so that they would no longer
> require setup calls (for HD mu) I think this type of a scrip would be
> quite easy to create. I hevve done this manualy for my mu
> installation.

Better would be to add a switch to setup, so that it skips the only line
that cause trouble with speed (in process(), I think).

Well, I have other suggestions. But as I know I would have been flamed if I
made them without explanations, I'll explain why I need those things for

Recently I gave old computers that were about to be thrown, a 386 and a 486
to an association, which goal is to recuperate old computers to give them to
people needing it, but that cannot afford to buy some (job less people,...)
. A free system is installed on those computers, so those people can use it,
and it isn't wasted. The more remote goal would be to send computers to 3rd

Well, in this case, there are 5 purproses that must be filled by the
installed system :

1) It must run on a 386 or 486... well with 8 mb of memory, perhaps, or even
4 ?, install on system without cdrom, and with no more than, say, 8 floppy
disks (and less would be better).
2) It must be user friendly, that is easy to setup and to run, with a
graphical interface
3) It must be usefull for every people, that is, there must be something to
edit word .doc (even if it can't handle well the images, and only save in
rtf), something to do personnal comptability, and everything for the web.
4) it must be expandable, that is accept new programms and so on without lot
of pain

some new distros have everything for 2, 3, 4, but the installer itself need
30 Mb of memory.
distros like slackware, or debian that could fit for 1, but lacks 2 (and
maybe 3).
muLinux is perfect for 1 and 2 but not for 3 and 4.

I don't know if it is possible to modify muLinux so that 3 and 4 are
covered, but I think that if it is possible, only mu can do it (and also I
like it so much that I wouldn't take time to hack other distros to fit in my

I don't think point 3 pose problem to anyone, the only trouble being to find
the softs (some allready exist in mu).
But I know that 4) is a very much more controversial point... I have heard a
lot of times newbies with mu wanting that feature on mu, and oldies with mu
explaining that it wasn't reasonable... I don't know if it is possible, but
before doing anything for that, I would like to have (at least) Michele's
agreement, because it would break somehow the design of muLinux.

Here is what would have to be changed, in my opinion. A starting point would
be to be LSB compatible, to compile, and run new binaries. So, the
filesystem should become more standard (moving all not standard stuff in
/opt for example), as for the init scripts (that could be wrapped in sysV
like stuff), there should be gcc, make, glib, bash, a new mount. Also an
upgrade of the kernel should be needed, I think (to use new modules, but I
am not sure this is really needed. Maybe including some old modules that
aren't currently included would be sufficient).
I think those things should reside on 1 or 2 1700 floppy disks. (bash +
libraries is 7OO k). I don't think it would be possible to go a lot farther
(adding some thing like possibility to compilate and run gnome or kde

Any comment... ;-)


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