Re: fetchmail

From: Arvid Nymoen (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 22:59:36 CEST

I have been wondering about the same thing. In my
experience mu fetchmail has not been working since
mu 7.6. I've tried ver. 8.3, 9.4, 9.5 - all refuse
to collect email.
The fetchmail log in in \var\log says among other things:

-> got [+OK User name accepted, password please]
sent [pass 12345678] (Except that I send my real password...)
expect [*open*]
-> got [-ERR Null command]

In mu ver.6.4 and ver.7.6 which are my favorite versions everything
is ok. I use them when i need a onedisk linux solution.
(With newer versions installed on a hard drive I use X and the mail part
of Netscape 3.01.)

At 15:44 10.09.00 +0200, Zeimet Alex wrote:
>I've made the fetchmail setup, but I cannot receive emails, but I
>also don't get any error messages. Under Suse Linux I hat to made a
>special configuration, because I have a GMX account. Is that the
>same under mulinux. Today I would get my messages, but I didn't got
>any. Two minutes later under Win2000 (Netscape Messenger) I got lots
>of messages, that's normal, because I'm member in some mailing
>But why I don't get messages with fetchmail under mulinux? Any
>Greetings Alex

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