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Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 03:53:41 CEST

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000 11:16:22 +0100, Tim Moore wrote:

}Has anyone got Opera running under mu ?

Haven't tried it yet here. (My owner says no hacking until I finish my PhD
finals next month).
Somehow I don't think it will work as is:

"What are the system requirements to run this version of Opera for Linux?

The Standard C++ Library is required to run Opera for Linux. This library is
a nightmare to statically link to a project. After some thought, we've
decided that instead of linking it, we'd prefer to sprecify where it can be
found. Most Linux distributions have it available. We've tested on clean
installations of Corel 1.0, RedHat 6.1, Mandrake 6.0, Caldera 2.2, as well
as several others. We're currently preparing to test with Debian and other
versions we've obtained. You can get this library from most Linux vendors,
or you can download and compile it from

Do I have to install Qt 2.1 on any machine I choose to run Opera on?

Yes. Preferably, 2.1.1 which is a bugfix for 2.1. Get it from"

OTOH, the Opera folks are quite helpful. They might be willing to assist.

There are some opera.* hierarchy usenet groups available.
That would be the place to start.

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}> Another alternative for lynx (and w3m) is links, very good Czech browser
}> with several language packs, like Polish and German. It can be found at
}> and
}> It supports real frames, real colors (that way that <FONT COLOR="#ff0000">
}> is really red and many other features!
}> But I would still love to see the new lynx running in mu :(
}> BTW I just discovered the upx compressor and compressed several of the
}> 'real' binaries in mu and squeezed it for another megabyte or two :) This
}> way Michele could add several more real binaries to the distro while
}> keeping the diskette size.
}> Ondrej
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