Strange problems with sendmail/fetchmail

From: Zeimet Alex (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 16:46:45 CEST


I still have some bizarre problems with sendmail and fetchmail. I have
two different email accounts:

1. /
2. /

With the first account I can send emails, but I cannot fetch them
With the second I can fetch the mails, but I cannot send them. By
sending testmails, all seems to go well, with no error messages, but I
never get the test mails, although I receive the message "send done".
And I cannot find queued mails in the /usr/spool/mail or
/usr/spool/mqueue, so I suppose the mails must have been sent
successfully. But why I cannot receive them.
With the account I can send emails successfully, but I just
receive mails by another mail reader, not by the mulinux fetchmail

Further, I've corrected the script, that the mails should be
kept in my mail box. But It still doesn't work, Fetchmail still always
remove all messages from the mailbox.

Does anybody have any ideas?

I also use SuSE Linux 6.2, with mutt 1.2.4 all works very well. But I
also want to send/fetch mails with mulinux, and it seems that those
mulinux programs have some problems to understand the email account
protocols, I don't think it's a real bug. (?)

Greetings Alex

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