Re: mu SETUP pppd installing

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 19:50:09 CEST

On Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 09:25:55AM -0600, Roy Souther nicely wrote:
> I am trying to install via ppp0 serial direct null modem cable.
> Using the boot disk made from DOS I through all the steps after
> setup -f pppd

setup -f ppp

> It asks me the config of the ppp0 then dies
> pppd file not found

Did you load the /usr addons? Please, "setup -f usr"

> Also tring to start it from the Linux made boot disk, can not find setup.

InstallerDisk is only rescue/installer.

> Also tried to do a regular install from floppies made from Linux and the boot
> disk gets to the point of asking me to insert the startup disk, where is the
> startup disk?

The first diskette of the serie.


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