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From: Denis Bredelet (
Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 16:35:43 CEST

Grab SVGA.tgz package from the "Other packages" section of mulinux website. It
features the SVGA X-server.
In order to install it, copy the package in /
Remove file /usr/X11R6/bin/X
Unpack the package in /

Next you will want to use 32bit color. Edit file
You will see a "Screen" section at the end of the file. Add this line after
   DefaultColorDepth 32
and add a "Display" subsection with Depth 32.
If you have more questions on how to configure SVGA X-server, you can ask me.

-- Denis.

Michael Berrisford a écrit :

> > One of the original problems was "need 32 colors", was it not? Since you
> > are undoubtedly using the vga16 x-server, you have only 16 colours.
> Switch
> > to svga x-server (using the ADDON or otherwise) and you're laughing. That
> > is: you don't have to find out about configuring REBOL. You have to find
> > out about applying the svga-server instead.
> Well, I'm still laughing ...
> Which ADDON is this svga x-server on. Are you talking about the VNC ADDON?
> The svncviewer - SVGALIB VNC Client (which requires the SVGAlib setup)?
> Thanks.
> Mike.
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