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From: mek (mek@antenna.nl)
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 14:12:19 CEST

dear mulino's,

firstly i explain what i want to do, until i come to the point:

at the internetworkplace where i work we got a present, a laptop with 48mb of
ram, but without harddisk. since that machine has got so much ram i would like
to use a big distro so that we can fire up netscape and all that stuff.

there are some projects, like the linux-terminal-project, these are some
one-flops from which you can boot, the get the root-fs from some NFS-server on
the network. the problem with these distro's is that they dont support PCMCIA,
at least that is what i think and tried.

but yesterday i was running mulinux on one of the older machines there and i saw
one interesting point: full PCMCIA-support!

and now my question. i would like some advice. anyone how tried this?
is it possible to use muLinux to boot a root-fs from a NFS-server?
i really dont know how i should do that. if you can give me some useful advice,
i just will figure it out by myself, it's just that i dont know where to start:)



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