Re: [mu TECH] Release numbers and homesite

From: Austin Hair (
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 17:37:59 CEST

> It contains only what is *really* changed from previous release. This
> is a compromise and save me a lot. For example: because GCC is
> unchanged in 10r0, I will keep it in 9r5.
> As far the home page structure is concerned, no problems because
> the access still is from the mu/ subdirectory, and it do not suffers
> for the changes.
> Advantages:
> (for the user) The user know what is really new
> (for me) Only a little change in my export script
> Disvantages:
> (for the user) It must load *old* addons in *different* directory

        Can you not add a symlink in the newer directories, perhaps with a small note that XXX package is unchanged from version XrY? It'd prevent the potential frustrated user who might be wandering around the tree trying to find the appropriate packages.

        -- Austin Hair

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