[mu setup] PCMCIA Hungs!

From: J.Vieira (vieirant@terra.com.br)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 03:51:53 CEST

Hello World of Mulinux!

I am trying to setup PCMCIA on my new Toshiba 2180cdt. But until now the
only thing that happens is a absolute Hung.

After configuring I can see these messages:

Loading module: pcmcia/dummy_cs

Now you will see a lot of messages, normally
directed to kernellog. Do not worry ...
Starting PCMCIA services: modules

OK. after the only button that works is Power Off.

My PCMCIA shows in docs that is compatible with Linux cause it is a NE2000
It is a Surecom EP427x 10/100 Ethernet PCMCIA adapter.

Please, A little help of my friends!

Um Grande Abrašo


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