mu SETUP - lilo???

From: Roy Souther (
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 16:54:05 CEST

OK I think I trashed my install.
I made a lilo.conf file in etc so I could add my dos partition to the boot.
It seems to have wrecked my muLinux because now it will not let me login.
The error trying to login is
Unable to change /dev/ttyp0

This may have something to do with lilo.conf having the line
for that I selected a small text display 130x80 or something like that.

What should I have done?
Is using lilo ok? Just not with vga?

Just rebooted again, it looks like the file system is read only.
What did I do? I am going to start to re-install muLinux.

Can someone tell me if liloconfig can let me add the dos partition to the
lilo boot? Thanks.

Roy Souther
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