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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 21:33:11 CEST

On Mon, Sep 18, 2000 at 03:55:45PM +0200, Ondrej Kavka nicely wrote:
> Just wondering before the new release comes out, and I haven't yet
> upgraded mu.. Will it simply overwrite the current files or do I have some
> control over it? I have edited many scripts (I have created my own
> multi-ppp configuration, for instance) and wouldn't like to lose it all..

You will have some chance using the "upgrade" script, but 10r0 use
some feature that can produce problems.

Example: now we have only an addon loader;,
are simply symlinks to it.

I intensively used symlinks in this release, because this help me
a lot when transfer material from the developing system (an Ext2fs clone)
to source tree.

For example: I created the dir /setup/opt and moved in it some
command directly related to Setup. Now, /bin/setup is a symlink to

In this way, I transfere all the Setup package with cp -a /setup.

In other words: if you transport the /setup dir and /etc/utils in
your main Linux system, maybe it work without problem.


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