[mu TECH] Mount root via NFS

From: Michele Andreoli (m.andreoli@tin.it)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 19:38:16 CEST

Hi folks,

Unfortunately, nfsroot doesn't works with ppp, at least in 2.0.36

This is the nfsroot mini-howto I added in the help system
of muLinux.
- Michele

nfsroot support in MULINUX
Fractured mini-Howto, Sept 2000

Using this feature, the muLinux floppy, after booting, is able
to mount, AS OWN ROOT, a remote directory exported via NFS
by some NFS server. This means that it will abandon definitively
its floppy nature, and go over the network, trasforming your
PC in a pure network terminal.

To do that, you have to boot the floppy and to configure the
basic network environment (only the first ethernet card is
supported: eth0).

In this example, I will assume as NFS_SERVER,
/remote/root as NFS_ROOT (on the server) and as
the IP to be assigned to client.

Client setup (mulinux)

                # setup nfs NFS_SERVER= NFS_ROOT=/remote/root
                # setup eth0 card=my_card IP=
                # setup network HOSTNAME=xterminal

If you need of PCMCIA support, or if your NIC driver isn't on the
first floppy, please do "setup EXT" first. In this case, muLinux will
load, at startup, two floppies: BOOT and EXT.

Now, save the (locking) profile:

                # setup -s lock

and reboot the floppy-disk in the client machine. You can save
also with a different name if you want (for example: nfs), but
now the system will prompt for a choice at boot.

Server setup (not mulinux)

Put that in the /etc/exports file:


Put, in /remote/root, a working Linux system, or copy in it the tree/
structure from a muLinux installation (changing /dev/root, to point
to real hard-disk).

Can I use a ppp or plip link, instead of eth0?

No. I tried but, strangely, NFS root via point-to-point interface
doesn't work with kernel 2.0.36, although NFS itself works fine over
ppp or plip!

Further documentation

The file nfsroot.txt in the kernel's source, and the file
/etc/rc.prep-nfs in the muLinux tree.

 -- End of the nfsroot Fractured Mini-Howto

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remember any. Would two negative ones do?       -- Woody Allen
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