Re: picture-viewer and Mulinux?

From: nikolaos roumbos (
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 07:05:09 CEST

what do you mean by saying "you can't put binnaries from other linux"?
don't misunderstood my question, but i'm asking you cause i've already
succeded to install netscape -> from slakware 4.0 and it works perfect
and when i say "install" i mean that in slakware i made :
   ldd netscape
and returned all the associated labriaries, after that i copy the labriaries
into Mu -and the binary ofcourse, and everything worked out just fine. In
the same way i installed XF86_SVGA again from slakware
without using the SVGA addon for Mu.
If somethig sounds to you strange out of the above written experinces
please enlighten me!!!

Best regards
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