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From: Clive Wright (
Date: Sun Sep 24 2000 - 02:23:37 CEST

> Please can someone help me.
> > Hi


> > Questions
> >


> > 4 How do I play mp3 songs through mulinux?. I tried
> > it by running the
> > following command
> > mpg123 -os (path to my mp3 file)
> > I have a Yamaha Sound card and external speakers.
> > The effect of the above command is that
> > I get a sound from the speaker i.e the song is
> > played for just 2-5
> > seconds and then blank? W hy?
> > Can any other mp3player for Linux be used
> >
I am not sure whether the Yamaha Sound Card is supported
under Mulinux,
but assuming that it is and that other sound programmes
operate correctly
try the following:

edit c:\linux\loadlin.cfg

Amend the line "no387" to read "#no387" and save the amended
Use loadlin to launch Mulinux, e.g. cd to the linux
directory and issue
the command linux.

I had a similar problem with an ess1868 soundcard; mpg123
operated correctly when using lilo to launch Mulinux but not
when using loadlin. Amending loadlin.cfg
solved it, although quite why I do not know.

Hope this helps,


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