Announce: editor e3 v0.8 released

From: Albrecht Kleine (
Date: Sun Sep 24 2000 - 12:22:15 CEST


I've just released another e3 version (0.8).

e3 is an uniqe 'micro' editor using wordstar like key bindings,
higly optimized for size, full written in NASM assembler
and independent of libc, so very useful for rescue disks,
mini Linux distributions and low memory systems.

e3 is available in an assembler version for x86 systems
like Linux, FreeBSD and BeOS and in a 'C' version for
other Unixes and for CygWin.

......from RELEASE NOTES......:
v 0.8 introduces support for an ALL_IN_ONE binary with no other
help files in /usr/local/lib etc. You'll get this by typing
'make special'. (This file size is below _6400_ byte, but
possible only on Linux.)
The C code for e3c is much faster than in release 0.7 and
now only half of e3c's size from v 0.7. This is because I've
removed emulation of x86's flag registers and register unions.
So you'll get another step ahead moving assembler code into a real
C style source code.
Also there are some bugfixes, please compare ChangeLog.

Fetch it from


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