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From: Joerg Bartels (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 05:33:38 CEST

At 24.09.2000 18:01:00, you wrote:
>On Sun, Sep 24, 2000 at 01:46:58PM +0200, Ondrej Kavka nicely wrote:
>> Is there a HOWTO for mu binaries compilation? I would like a short guide
>> how to make a 100% running application on mu and all my attempts were
>> unsuccessful. I have access to a RedHat system where I can install
>> anything I want.. What to I need to create libc5 binaries?
>> Ondrej (download mu 10 and hoping for a better tomorrow :)

>You well understand, if I upgrade, what make muLinux different,
>definitively will disappears. So, root.gz will remains libc5 for
>ever and we are condemned to buggy binaries for ever.
>The only development scenario is to produce a "patch" addon, able
>to install libc6. The PERL addons add libc6 from Debian 2.0,
>for example.

Hello All,

I can understand Michele and as a Dos-user with a lowend-comp (P60)
I am happy that there is such a light Linux.
But like I said before it would be fine to have things like Netscape 3.x
a picture-viewer, FTP and Mail for X (maybe TCL-based).
I learned that it possible to change libs by hand when there is a great
Linux installation in the background (witch I do not have) but someone
can download or can try to download libs maybe from Slackware or
or other. So my question: would it help to have a listing for libs and stuf
from people witch have done such "patching"?

regards, Joerg

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