Re: Mu binaries

From: Ondrej Kavka (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 12:15:44 CEST

On Sun, 24 Sep 2000, Michele Andreoli wrote:

> Please, Ondrej: report quickly any malfunction, so I can fix it.
None so far, except I gave up on using the upgrade script and installed mu
from the scratch and am now in the middle of recopying of my old added
binaries and libraries to the new system.. I think I should have had put
them all in one directory :)

Clive Wright wrote:
> I do not know if anyone else has had problems with retaining
> original addons from v9r5 on a umsdos cloned mulinux. A work
> around would be to upgrade using the original floppy disk,
> but I am sure that this was not necessary when upgrading
I deleted all of the old \linux and started on clear ground, however I had
a similar problem. EXT and USR were always asking me whether they should
be configured during startup. I said 'yes', and they answered something
like '... is already installed, would you like to upgrade?'. I answered no
(because I already had the newest) and they were asking me to configure
them during the next start. So I had to answer 'no' and am no longer
bugged by them anymore...

And Michele continued:
> You well understand, if I upgrade, what make muLinux different,
> definitively will disappears. So, root.gz will remains libc5 for
> ever and we are condemned to buggy binaries for ever.

..which we love and would be very sad if they disappeared from the world :)

The main reason I asked was that I am still unable to use none of the
binaries I compiled on my school RedHat. They run perfectly, have all the
libraries they need, but just (and only) don't work with domain names,
which is quite important nowadays :). Whenever I download a precompiled
libc5 binary, it works perfectly.. Is there any other difference between
the "old" systems and the "new" ones? Such as (I don't know, I'm no linux
expert) gethostbyname located somewhere else or whatever.. Basically I
would just like to compile a few files with my settings.
(as I have noted before, I compile a program on RedHat, ldd it, take all
the binaries home and it runs perfectly, so no problem with running, the
problem is _using_.)


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