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Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 00:32:18 CEST

On 26 Sep 2000, at 15:57, Mark Roberts <> wrote:

> > My serious vote is for 'queue', but would prefer 'vlad'. Does anybody
> > like 'vlad'?
> Have I missed something? I don't understand what the name means.

Well, originally it was 'counter'. Extract from this the verb 'count'. This
is punned into the noun and title 'Count'; as in 'Count Dracula', from the Bram
Stoker novel. Supposedly Bram Stoker's choice the name "Dracula" was in some
part inspired by a nickname of a historic personage named Vlad III, an infamous
fifteenth century Walachian ruler, or Vlad Tepes, or "Vlad the Impaler", or
Vlad Tepes Dracula.

There's an interesting Dracula page out there, with a wing devoted to Vlad
Tepes. It's hard to say how reliable much of it is, but here it is anyway...

A link from that page leads to an impressive quote...

"...Being so confident in the effectiveness of his law, Dracula placed a golden
cup on display in the central square of Tirgoviste. The cup could be used by
thirsty travelers, but had to remain on the square. According to the available
historic sources, it was never stolen and remained entirely unmolested
throughout Vlad's reign..."

( -- from "Vlad Dracula: An intriguing figure in the fifteenth century",
 By Benjamin H. Leblanc. )

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