Re: Re: Stupid problem with PPP

From: Joerg Bartels (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 03:06:41 CEST

>> I have a problem to aktivate PPP (Mu10r0). I have setup ISP and PORT
>> but my modem does not start dialing. I got the message -Sorry no PPP
>> kernel support then Wait...... but no dialing. What I am doing wrong?
>> Mu9r5 works great for me. I tryed to use PAP. (I can not find the PPP-
>An enourmous bug! A spurious character in /setup/fun/, added
>editing. Open this file and locate:
>for m in ${MOD_LIST}
>$load_module ${m} 2>/dev/null
>Do you see the '$' befor load_module? Remove it!

For short. Thanks for helping Michele. I did what you sad and now the
modem dials and there is "somekind" of connection. I can not fetchmail
or surf the net :). I will attach my Sys.log in a later posting. For
now- ISP-setup does not asked me for my ISPs NameServer. I am missing
something in the setup?

regards, Joerg

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