Re: [mu ALERT!] Upgrading

From: Zeimet Alex (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 17:01:26 CEST

Michele Andreoli wrote:
> When muLinux starts, it anycase try to upload in /setup/cnf the
> last profile saved in /startup/init.
> Now, when the user clone a new release over an existing c:\linux
> UMSDOS installation, for some 'rm' bug, the cloner can't remove
> the old material, but only overwrite.
> At next boot, the old configuration files are uploaded in /setup/cnf,
> producing as net result a probable confusion in Setup, if some
> parameter has different name in the new release.
> As workaround, I strongly suggest to remove the /startup/init content,
> first of cloning, or to do a more safe:
> c:>deltree c:\linux
> In the future release I will sign the profile with the release
> number: the Setup will refuse to load a profile is release number
> do not match.


I've already remarked that yesterday as I would made an new mulinux
installation. Thank you for this information.
I deleted the linux folder under Win2000, but I couldn't delete it
completely, there were somme files from the Perl5 addon wich could not
to be deleted, so I overrride these files at the following installation.
But until yet there are no problems, my new 10r0 works.

Greetings Alex

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