Re:phone line networking revisited

From: winsor (
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 15:11:56 CEST


While recently fiddling with a stack of old notebooks I own, I came across an
OLD modem manual, with descriptions of how to use "leased line" connections.
I immediately hooked two of these ancient 386 2meg machines(with builtin
2400baud modems) together via a phone cord....
Using a terminal program I set the modems to use hardware handshaking, 8,N,1,
and local echo turned on.
On the first machine I typed in,
ATZ <enter>
to reset the default configuration,
ATA <enter>(upon this the modem started squealing)
for the machine to answer upon any signal
On the second machine I typed in
ATZ (again to reset)
ATX3DT<enter>(again this modem started squealing)
to send a signal.
Within a few seconds a handshake of sorts came up
and these two machines were connected.
CONNECT 2400 mirrored on both screens.
And one could type to the screen of one machine. via the other
I was also able to transfer both text and binary files via this phone cord.
I don't know if it'd be possible to actually create a ppp link in this manner.
But within a few days I'll know 8^P
Just thought I'd touch on the old thread because I'm not sure whether that
users questions were answered....................
good luck folks


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