[mu TECH] '/bin/gateway' bug fixed, ('dirname')

From: Alfie Costa (backup address) (agcosta@gmx.net)
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 05:00:45 CEST

While testing some tweaks to 'pion', I found that 'pion' sometimes got confused
when switching directories. Investigation showed that 'pion' calls 'dirname' --
which was buggy. The bug was** that 'dirname' would give the wrong results for
directories more than three levels deep.

(**by A. Costa <:'O )

'dirname' is part of '/bin/gateway'. After some testing and tweaking, it's
fixed. This penitent new '/bin/gateway' can be found here:



The 'dirname' script now behaves just like Debian's 'dirname' -- even where
the logical sense of it might be debatable. New version example:

    # dirname

(Compare this to the old version, which gave help when there were no

As before, 'dirname' is happy with Win95 file and directory names that include

The code for 'dirname' is slightly smaller and nicer. Especially the
'case...esac' options.

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