Connecting Commodore PET to mu

From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 21:10:18 CEST

Hi there!

I have a Commodore PET standing in a corner, and there's not really much
you can do with the bugger, exept make it display pretty clocks. Oh, and
play amazing games, like patience and space invaders.

The PET was one before the Commodore 64 and dates back way into the
seventies. Mine has 32kb of memory and you can connect an external floppy
drive and an external tape recorder. The monitor is green. More important:
the userport consists of 8 absolutely independant and fully programmable
data pins. So I could fake any kind of connection using no more than eight
data pins.

Does anybody know what protocols might be useful to implement, where they
are explained, or in short what I would have to do to connect the beast to
a modern (i.e. nineties-) computer? Or has anybody already done it :) ?

All the best, Mark

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