Re: phoneline networking revisited

From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 12:51:55 CEST

winsor a écrit :

> I did get two machines successfully talking to each other through a plain phone
> cord...............not a "powered phone line"(with NO dialtone) trying now to
> get PPP running between them.

Sorry for the dumb question, but what you're doing interest me a lot, although I
have really little knowledge. So, first, are you saying that you connect directly
the cable of your modem from one computer to the other ? Is it possible with any
kind of cable ?

> I'm quite pleased with this as these machines have
> only a floppy, and without a proper cable there is almost no easy way to move
> files larger than a floppy between them.(although at 2400 baud these files move
> VERY slowly)

I have got the same problem.

> If you have any further questions about this I'd be quite pleased
> to answer.........

Maybe it isn't the kind of my question you would like to answer ;-) (if someone
knows a source of information, online, I won't bother you).
What I understand is that you send commands to your modem (ATZ...) and it uses that
to connect to the other modem. I think you use miterm to do it ? But then, how do
you send files ?
And also, how do you make an "Hardware handshake 2400 bps 8N1 local echo ON" ? Is
it a command ?

> As this could be a rather neat feature to include in future muLinux releases.
> As I said
> machine #1 Hardware handshake 2400 bps 8N1 local echo ON
> ATZ<enter>
> ATA<enter>


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