update mulinux-doc-translation

From: mek (mek@antenna.nl)
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 14:22:06 CEST

hi ppl,

some updates regarding the translation of the mulinux-documentation.

robert warnke has added a few chapters to his doc and is writing again actively
on it (since he stopped, probably for this warm summer:-).
you can download the tar.gz on my homepage (see signature). so anyway, for the
translators it's always worth to have a look at his site once in a while.

and yes i will not lie that i use this mail also to catch some new
translators, who joined mulinux recently:

Hi german-speaking/understanding people! you want to join?;)
translate some german chapters into english. don't worry about your english,
there are some very good correctors which will clean out your translation.




clean the windows - see Linux-----
http://nl.linux.org --------------
http://squat.net/puscii ----------
http://www.casema.net/~mpx -------

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