[mu SETUP] true color mode?

From: Kerstin & Peter Karp (karpfenteich@gmx.de)
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 10:19:26 CET

Hi MuLinux friends,

[I'm a linux newbie and therefore have some problems to see wether I
just don't know the answer, or if something MuLinux specific has to
be solved.]

I've just started to use MuLinux and want to use it for an scientific
image program (tnimage).

Therefore I need to switch the X-Server screen resolution to true
color (24 or 32 bit). That's most important!

I'd also like to have a resolution of 800x600 (or better 848x636 or
880x660) with a refresh rate of 85 Hz. This *must* be in true color

Is this possible to achieve with MuLinux?

My graphics card (Elsa Winner 1000T3D) uses a S3 chipset 86C362
(alias Trio3D/2x) and has 8192 Bytes of video-RAM.

At xfree.org I've found out that this card can be used with xfree
3.3.5 or higher. I don't need the (slow ;-) 3D accelaration of the
card and just want to use it with the above mentioned mode.

Do I need to update xfree to 3.3.6 for example or can I just change
some settings in xf86config?

My Monitor has 27 kHz - 70 kHz (automatic choosen) for horizontal
frequency and can use 50 Hz - 120 Hz for the vertical refresh rate.

Last not least I need to install "tnimage". I have a tar.gz file of
the staticly linked binary. I guess that should work. Will I be able
to run that precompiled program under MuLinux?

I'm looking forward for any ideas/comments/tips :-)

Greetings from Cologne, Germany

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