Re:[mu SETUP] true color mode?

From: Denis Bredelet (
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 14:28:39 CET

Hi Peter

You should download SVGA.tgz in the MISC area of muLinux homepage.
This is the easiest way to configure your display to higher
Then you should edit the file (/usr/X11R6/lib/X11)

If your binary is statically linked I guess it should work with
muLinux (at least some managed to run statically linked programs)

Greetings from Paris, France ;-)
-- Denis.

> Hi MuLinux friends,
> [I'm a linux newbie and therefore have some problems to see wether I
> just don't know the answer, or if something MuLinux specific has to
> be solved.]
> I've just started to use MuLinux and want to use it for an
> image program (tnimage).
> Therefore I need to switch the X-Server screen resolution to true
> color (24 or 32 bit). That's most important!
> I'd also like to have a resolution of 800x600 (or better 848x636 or
> 880x660) with a refresh rate of 85 Hz. This *must* be in true color
> mode.
> Is this possible to achieve with MuLinux?
> My graphics card (Elsa Winner 1000T3D) uses a S3 chipset 86C362
> (alias Trio3D/2x) and has 8192 Bytes of video-RAM.
> At I've found out that this card can be used with xfree
> 3.3.5 or higher. I don't need the (slow ;-) 3D accelaration of the
> card and just want to use it with the above mentioned mode.
> Do I need to update xfree to 3.3.6 for example or can I just change
> some settings in xf86config?
> My Monitor has 27 kHz - 70 kHz (automatic choosen) for horizontal
> frequency and can use 50 Hz - 120 Hz for the vertical refresh rate.
> Last not least I need to install "tnimage". I have a tar.gz file of
> the staticly linked binary. I guess that should work. Will I be able
> to run that precompiled program under MuLinux?
> I'm looking forward for any ideas/comments/tips :-)
> Greetings from Cologne, Germany
> Peter
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