Re: An ambitious idea

From: Richard Kirkcaldy (
Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 22:01:17 CET

> 1) I have remarked that there was 2 kinds of informations in the .cnf
> One is about the values stored, the other is the values stored. So maybe
> would be cleaner to have the information about the storage put in another
> location, for example in the corresponding .fun, so that stuff that can
> the values modified is apart from stuff that don't have to be modified. It
> leads to another benefit, that is the information that doesn't change
> duplicated anymore, so this will save space in the /startup files, and
> it would become possible to store 2 different profiles on the floppy.
What is wrong with having foo=bar stored, it sounds better than having foo
in one file and bar in another. Or am I missing something here?

> 2) I think that /a, /c, /cdrom should be moved to /mnt (for example) so
> automatic writing in /etc/fstab, for the kind of "automatic" mounting that
> done should be expanded without overcrowding the / directory. For example,
> have a mount point for loop (/mnt/loop), a mount point for 2 cdroms drives
> (one being a burner), for 2 floppy drives, my dos drive, a linux
> an external hard drive that goes in the parallel port. I don't know if
> muLinux is going to support all these devices, but it allready support
> so for the scalability, I advocate /a,/c and /cdrom to be placed in
> directory that /. And also maybe /startup, (but this point isn't as clear
> IMO, as /startup is really specific to muLinux).
I agree they should be put in /mnt, but wouldn't that involve changing the
setup disk, and hence cause problems for re-installs? And does your CD
actually work, I keep getting the message kernal lack CD-ROM support when I
try and set it up.

Richard Kirkcaldy
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