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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 14:20:04 CET

On Mon, Nov 06, 2000 at 01:16:01PM +0100, Jochen Cichon nicely wrote:
> I need a tool for login in on another machine...
> but without PASSWORD.
> But we can do that with samba (i hope :) ) and sshd .... I'm just asking that!

Samba is the right answer in muLinux as-is currently. Using Samba and
smbclient you can run any commands on a remote Mu.
The trick is "use a printable share in Samba".

In the server machine, create in /etc/samba/share a new services
called, for example, [rsh]:

        comment = Remote Command Gateway
        browseable = no
        printable = yes
        admin users = admin <--- select an user (root?)
        print command = wave -c 888 2; /bin/sh +x %s; rm %s
        lprm command =
        lpq command = wave -c 880 2

To run remotely the command, you can use smbclient in this way:

        ----- rcmd script start ----
        host=$1; shift; cmd=$*
        (echo "print -"; echo $cmd)| smbclient //$host/rsh PASS -U USER -P
        ----- rcmd script end ----

        ( PASS and USER authenticate the remote user. You can create
        a special user for that)

So, with
                # rcmd /sbin/init 0

you will shutdown the machine Ok, this requires
"admin user= root"

A nice features: you can send the command using Win9x. You have only
to create a file with "/sbin/init 0" in it and *print* if using the
"rsh" ASCII printer!


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