RE: 486 with 4MB

From: winsor SMP (
Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 05:25:51 CET

('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) That's great:)

I'm still trying to figure out how to get muLinux installed on my 2meg 386's.
Kernel loads then says
less than 4 megs detected
-system halted-
I'm going to have to read the "boot prompt HOW-TO" and see if I can get any hints.
Managed to get "small linux"(kernel 2.0.0) running on one of these without X (proprietary video hardware)....
I certainly can't grumble..........Heck I've got linux running on a 2 meg machine:)
I "borrowed" a few of your "rustic utilities" for this notebook(strictly for my own use) :)
With only 2 megs of "actual memory" these scripts are a real help.
And it's certainly a lot more friendly than MINIX(which I run on 2 IBM model 25 "all in ones")

>Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 18:28:03 +0100
>From: Marko Djukic <>
>Subject: 486 with 4MB
>Ok people here's the story... after some trial and error, various linux
>distributions, versions, etc, etc... i managed to get muLinux on a
>Compaq Contura laptop with 4MB of RAM and 170 MB of hard disk.
>laptop has only one external floppy drive, no cd-rom, and no network
>card. the only other computer i could use was a win98 PC (no linux could
>be installed for several reasons).
>not sure if this was the best method but it is one that worked and it
>seemed to be the most blunt attack at the problem and simpler than i
>thought it would be (it avoided a bunch of cryptic errors, system hangs,
>etc, etc, when trying the regular install):
>- used a DOS boot disk and using fdisk/format i setup only one clean dos
>partition on the hard drive with 80MB (ignored the remaining 90MB)...
>- on the win98 PC downloaded and untar-ed the muLinux gzip distribution
>and the and copied all the files in several stages to the
>DOS partition on the laptop under c:\temp
>- from the dos prompt in the c:\temp ran "boot.bat" to start the muLinux
>- detected low mem and asked to set up swap, just chose "[1] continue"
>and muLinux did it automatically, setting up on the DOS partition
>- using the win98 PC started it in DOS only mode and created a
>superformatted boot disk
>- then all the following steps, more or less chose the default of
>everything that was offered
>- when it asks for the startup boot disk just insert the superformatted
>boot disk
>- then set up for linux to be bootable from the hard disk by setting up
>linux.bat on the c: drive
>- rebooted again with the DOS boot disk, changed to c:, ran linux.bat
>and voila'.....
>now, i just need to juggle the partitions, repartition the hard disk a
>bit better and make them to be true ext2 file systems rather than dos.
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