Re: An ambitious idea(but a bit off-topic)

From: winsor SMP (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 02:39:11 CET

('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) Patrice,

I just wrote a bunch of goofy scripts to handle chores like that....
Got a whole pile of "undocumented" files in my personal mulinux install
<<<<< cut here>>>>>>

#adn for mounting dos 1.44 floppies
mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /a
<<<<<<<cut here>>>>>>

#ado unmounts dos floppies
umount /a
<<<<<<<cut here>>>>>>>
and be sure to copy to /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin and chmod them to 755
makes it easier to handle such complex and highly technical tasks as mounting a floppy*grin*
Almost any commandline function can be scripted and if you think you're gonna' do it more than twice a day, why not do some of this
"rustic scripting"???8^P
(tongue held firmly in cheek)
I'm a mite lazy.........and anything more than three characters to do such simple tasks seems like a lot of work.....and more room for typos


>Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 23:10:05 +0100
>From: Dumas Patrice <>
>Subject: Re: An ambitious idea
>Michele Andreoli a écrit :
>> but this do not help in
>> developing, because I often may introduce a new kind of bug
>> related to "dangling variable reference", etc.
>I see the point.
>> point. Did You forget the /setup directory, such mu-specific?!
>Yes, maybe it should better be in /etc, but there is nevertheless a unity in the /setup dir, it contains all
>the muLinux specific setup stuff.
>> As far mount point are concerned, we can almost a big Linux distros
>> that complaint with /cdrom etc: GNU Debian.
>> Ehy, guy! I hate enough to have to write "mount /a" when I wish to
>> open the floppy-disk: to write "mount /mnt/floppy" is too also for me.
>> I choose the name "/a", "/c" of "/cdrom" in order to help users
>> coming from DOS.
>I wasn't complaining about the names, but the location in the /. But if you're so lazy, I understand your point
>of view ;-) ! In the begining, I was just like you, but when I read help on how and why the filesystem is like
>that, and also the FHS standard, and as the number of peripherals on my box grew, I became a /mnt fan ;-).
>>Ah, this is different thing. [Of course, part of this discussion between
>> me ad You may be faq'ed in some way]
>> To keep all configuration script in a single directory help me MUCH when
>> I develope or improve. I do that in EXT2 cloned muLinux; when finished,
>> I copy the "developement directory" /setup/fun in the distribution directory,
>> with a simple "cp -a" command.
>> Think about: in order to minimize errors in this crucial step (the most
>> part of malfunctions in new releases gets generated here) in the 10.x
>> series I moved in /setup the most part of mu-specific stuff, in the
>> hope to trasfer with "cp -a /setup".
>You don't use mu -r ? Maybe the mu -r should be enhanced, so that it automatically copy the files from your
>tree/setup to the correct place, based on the same parsing done for depandancies checking that I advocated ?
>> What will happens if, some some raison, I decide to change something
>> in the Setup command, etc: I have to *upload* all the addons???
>Yes ! ;-). Well, if you use a modem, and if the phone is as costly as it is in France, surely this kind of
>consideration is the better one !
>> So, you well understand, this kind of choices aren't foundamental,
>> but simply matter of convenience.
>> You arguments are exacts, but in a world where a lot of contributors
>> and mantainers take responsability about any single components and its
>> installer scripts.
>Oh, I wouldn't go that further... In fact, all the thinks I noted were of some kinds of artistic consideration.
>It was a matter of beauty and symmetry, and with my own taste... a little like when doing mathematics, and when
>you have different way of making a proof, you make the choice that seems the more elegant way, a matter of
>Only you can judge if it is practicaly relevant or not !
>This is especialy true for the setup .fun stuff, as it saves only very little space, there are not so much
>misplaced ressources, and also for the mount points that is a very detail...
>Something totally unrelated, maybe you should put nfs server stuff in the SRV addon ?
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