Re: Digital signature in muLinux - tests wanted

From: Gerrit Lammert (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 13:40:21 CET

Hi Michele

> P.S. 1
> Is "mutt" some german word, of course? The genial author, Michael Elkins,
> is from Germany, if I get not wrong. The main archive is
> here:

not a german word, but my english-to-english-translater sais:
"mutt: slang for 'ignorant blunderer', example: You silly big mutt"
A blunderer (regarding to that translater (Advances Learners Dictonary) is
someone who...
...1. move about uncertainly, as if blind.
...2. find it by chance.
...3. make foolish mistakes.

So this (may be german) author of mutt wasn't very conceited. :-)

>P.S. 2
>PS1 proof that I'm danish.

nevertheless ;-)


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