Re: An ambitious idea(but a bit off-topic)

From: Gerrit Lammert (
Date: Sat Nov 11 2000 - 01:11:34 CET

Hi Michele,

>> > Q: Miquel van Smoorenburg, chi era costui?
>> Naja, das war dann wohl irgend so ein wichtiger Typ (Italiener nehme ich
>> an). ;-))
>Ehh? Karl-Heinz, help!

I just wrote some (senseless) stuff. I didn't understand the question so you
shouldn't understand the answer ;-)
In fact I wrote "So this must be some important guy (italian I assume)"

>Miquel van Smoorenburg had firmed every /etc/rc.* boot files
>in many Linux distribution, but I absolutely do not know nothing
>about it, as for Carneade.

Thanx for teaching me about that.

> > But now (more serious):
> > What about a kind of support-collector-formular-script?
> > Implemented in muLinux, which by it self collects data as the
> > version-number, wich devices are installed...
> > If a user submits a Problem, you will be sent the relevant information
> > system to.
> >
> > Problem is: If mailsystem or network doesn't work, this can't help
> > :-(
> A daemon that check periodically the machine and send an email to
> this mailing-list when user run ppp? Argh: this is Orwell!
> But maybe I misunderstod?


That might be funny, too. ;-)
No I mean something like a support-collector.
User has Problem -> User type "get_help" -> A Mask opens, were user can
enter description of the Problem -> get_help-script sends this and the
collected system-information to someone who might help our poor user.
This was what I meant, but this would be only possible for a commercial
product as you need many people who will answer all the questions. :-)


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