Finished with WKS/SRV

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sun Nov 12 2000 - 10:41:29 CET

The work with the new add-ons WKS is finished, and I'm very satisfied
of the result. In this three disk (BASE, SRV and WKS) we have now
a complete UNIX, more-or-less like such old commercial UNIXs I had
known the last century, such HP-UX, AIX etc with the advantage that
mulinux is Linux, then it know about PC architecture and therefore
can use multi-media, sound, and other PC peripherals.

The nameserver is able to work in three "modes":
           stand-alone, forward-only, dynamic

stand-alone -> never contact external DNS
forward-only -> always contact external DNS (this block the client
if you are not connected)
dynamic -> contact external DNS only if connected to internet
          (managed by ip-up)

Through /etc/ppp/ip-up I restart important services as samba, httpd
and named, to reflects the new situation dynamically.

The new setup mantains an internal database (/etc/named/named-hosts)
that look like the standard /etc/hosts, i.e. it use a syntax like:

                x.y.z.y hostname hostaname ...
                x.y.z.y hostname hostaname ...

The setup/named script is able to read the file and to re-build
on-the-fly the "zone" and the "rev-zone" for the DNS.

I kept the two files distinct but, theorically, a symlink should
works. In this case, what you put in your /etc/hosts is automatically
know to all machines in the LAN.

I still have some disk-space, but I've no idea, so I will stop.

My problem is now: how to call the new release? 10r6? 11r0?

Usually, I change the major number when the new addons are
not backward compatible. In this case, I have also to create a
new release-VERSION directory on the web. The 10r5 will be
frozen in the directory "release-10r5".

Oh the other hand, "11" is so ugly. Can I jump silenty to 12r0? :-)


"I'd like to conclude with a positive statement, but I can't remember any.
Would two negative ones do?"			-- Woody Allen
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