From: GROSSE_Ch (
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 12:24:40 CET

First of all I apologize for this huge email full of newbie-questions.
Since I try to install Mulinux, the only machine where it worked fine, is a
brand new one (Celeron 500Mhz, 128 Mb Ram, 20Giga HDD and so on). Of course
it wasn't my goal ;-) . Here are some problems I've encountered:

On my 486DX/50Mhz with 16Mb Ram and 500Mb HDD, when I reboot the system
with the " Installer/Rescue floppy disk ", I get, at the very beginning,
the message : " Boot failed ".
=> Could the Bios settings have any influence ? or may be the motherboard
? I ask this because the same floppy, works fine on other machines.
Anyway I tried another solution: RAM Mulinux and clone it on UMSDOS.
Youpee... it works fine (included X11
addon). But despite several readings, a lot of questions stay, quite, not
clear to me.
=> What are the differences between the different Swap possibilities:
        - Swap partition
        - Swap résident (that's the one I used).
        - Swap local.
=> What do I need to realize an Internet connexion ? (it seems that setting
PPP and PORT is not sufficient).
        BTW the DIALD set up is not clear to me:
        - NAMESERVER ? Is it the DNS of my provider or the domain or something
else ?
        - NETWORK ? Same questions.
=> How could I print the screen ?
=> Do I, REALLY, need a SERIAL mouse to obtain Xwindows (via X11 addon).
That's my case: a PS/2 mouse doesn't work.
=> When I try to check my modem via Miterm, using the MuLinux console; it
works but I can't see what I type on the screen. I, only, can read the
=> Once MuLinux is installed in UMSDOS, is it possible, to gain room on my
HDD, to delete some files in the Mulinux directory or why not the whole
directory ?
=> Do you think it's possible (via RAM-MuLinux and cloning on UMSDOS) to
install MuLinux (with or not X11 addon) on a Compaq LTE Lite/25 (386/4 Mb
Ram/80Mb HDD) ?

 Hope, someone find enough time to answer to these questions ;-)
Regards, Charles.

PS: Hello WINSOR SMP : did you find time to have a look on your Compaq
Lite/25 Ram devices ? I'm still very interested :-))

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