Re: More Packages

From: Daniel Liljeqvist (
Date: Sun Nov 12 2000 - 20:47:30 CET

> I tried with a libstdc++ of mine, but 800k sized!
 Mine is quite old, but it works...(just like libc5...:-)

> How to compare this black-box with the muLinux afterstep?
> I've no option about, because I use X only when start netscape.
It's pretty small, uses little memory, looks good(on a 16bit screen)
Personally I don't like Afterstep, I think it sucks
> I added your "aterm" in the X11, and removed the "rxvt". It works
> very nice, with a wonderfull scroll bar
And transparency... (it can't look good on a 4bit screen...)

> Because I removed the big mpg123 from X11 (we have now your
> 59r release on the WKS disk) maybe I can put black-box in X11, if
> size allows it.
165kb compressed (Includes libstdc++)

DaNkKaN aka Daniel Liljeqvist

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