Re: New questions of a newbie

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 14:45:37 CET

On Sun, Nov 12, 2000 at 10:44:35PM +0100, Daniel Bourrion nicely wrote:
> 1/ my hda is cut in a hda1 (dos) and a hda2 (dos)
> : when i mount hda2 on /store, i can only read the
> names of the files that are on hda2 under 8.3 ;
> how can i have then in full format ?

Mount as VFAT:

        mount /dev/hda2 /store -t vfat

> 2/ is there a way to avoid to have to configure
> (or not) /usr and /ext and /x11 each time i boot
> from windows98 to my umsdos mulinux ?

Did you saved your profile with "setup -s lock"?

> 3/ when i start my X session, i get a small image,
> i.e. that the X destop doesn't come on the full
> surface of the monitor, but only on a small part
> of the monitor. What can i do to get a full X ?

No, without deep manipulation of the X config file.

> 4/ when i edit and transform /etc/samba/shares,
> and after rebooting, the things i've changed in
> the files /etc/samba/shares have disappear. But
> i'd like to keep them on my machine !!!

After you manipulate a file that is under the control
of Setup, you must save with "setup -s".

> Thanks a lot. (sorry for my bad english)
I will faq all your questions, adding to your, by bad english.


"I'd like to conclude with a positive statement, but I can't remember any.
Would two negative ones do?"			-- Woody Allen
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