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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 17:40:39 CET

On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 03:52:40PM +0100, Dumas Patrice nicely wrote:
> > My only doubt is about not-SCSI cd-writer. They are managed in Linux
> > using a sort of scsi emulation, if I'm not wrong, using a module
> > called ide-scsi or something like. Someone on the list know the
> > subject? What device has to be specified in cdrecord? /dev/scd0?
> I don't know if it is valid with other kernel but with the 2.2.14. I use on
> my big linux, assuming my writer is on hdc, I have to pass the kernel the
> parameter
> hdc=ide-scci, via lilo or loadlin. With that parameter the kernel don't
> register hdc as an ide device, but instead as a scsi one.
> To mount it I use mount /dev/scd0, as it is considered as a SCSI cdrom.

hdc=ide-scsi? I think this do not apply on 2.0.* serie. I will check
the docs in the kernel.

> When used as a cd-writer, it has to be accessed via the generic scsi
> interface, it is /dev/sg0 if accessed through the /dev/ interface.

> In cdrecord, it seems that the prefered way to address a scsi device, is a
> triplet like 0,0,0 for the scsi bus, the place on the bus and anohter arg
> I don't remember.

I always used cdrecord with dev="BUS,ID,LUN" (in my case: 0,4,0)

> cdrecord -scanbus gives you the topography of your bus. I have no scsi
> device, only that scsi emulated ide burner, so it is on 0,0,0, but maybe it
> isn't the case for your device ?

My problem is not my device, but how to provide a script for atapi
cd-writers in a universal way.


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