Re: available now for testing only

Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 14:55:37 CET


Your zipped copy was just what I needed. I downloaded that,
a 17+ meg .zip file when done. I gutted the Windows 98
partition to make room [about 95 megs free]. Windows only
gets a small partition, 600+ megs, and it's always a

I installed it and it ran after I changed the directory name
from mulinux to linux as you specified in the instructions.

Spent half an hour with the "setup" configuration routine
and it's working partly. I had some confusion with selecting
the ordinary serial mouse, apparently it isn't "psaux?" I'll
get to that again later.

All of this due to a friend in Michigan's U.P. whom I am
encouraging to try Linux. He's got muLinux installed with
great difficulty due to not following instructions but it's
a good learning exercise.


Bob Goodwin - Durant, Florida

Red Hat Linux release 7.0
Kernel 2.2.16-22 i586

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